Season 1 Schedule

Parent with a Pro will be doing a weekly podcast where experts answer questions from parents of sassy, spirited, or strong-willed children.

The podcasts are created with you in mind.  Each podcast is 20-30 minutes long, making it possible for you to finish an episode during your commute, your workout, or while you carpool kids. Join our Facebook group to submit questions. Use #podcast at the beginning of your post to make it easily identifiable.

Season 1 Schedule:

Episode 001 About Parent with a Pro-available 02-13-17

Episode 001 Who are sassy, spirited, and strong-willed children?-available 02-20-17

Episode 003 Why my child behaves the way they do Part 1:Nature-available 02-27-17

Episode 004 Why my child behaves the way they do Part 2: Nurture-available 03-06-17

Episode 005 Where should I start? Simple techniques to see progress at home-available 03-13-17

Episode 006 Parent survival-available 03-20-17

Episode 007 Survival for siblings of a sassy, spirited, or strong-willed children- available 03-27-17

And much, much more.

*Each podcast will be transcribed and formatted into an article on the blog if you prefer to read rather than listen.

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