Episode 045: The Parenting Mistake Therapists are Seeing and How to Fix It

Announcement!  We are changing things a little here at Parent with a Pro.

Last year we did random podcast topics each week.  While that was a great way to start, we wanted to provide even more support for you in 2018.  As a result, we have created a theme for each month with weekly podcasts to support that theme.  This means we can dive deep into topics and give you tools that will help you see real CHANGE in your homes!

Here is the outline for the year:

January: Things Parents Can Do to Make 2018 Great

February: Critical Emotional Skills for the Strong-Willed Child

March: Effective Discipline

April: How to Handle Different Tough Times of the Day: Mealtime, Running Errands, Bedtime, etc.

May: Family Relationships Affected by Strong-Willed Kids

June: How to Respond to Specific Misbehaviors: Yelling, Arguing, Hitting and more

July: Therapists Top Concerns and How to Avoid Them

August: Strong-Willed Kids and Their Tough Temperaments

September: Parent Overwhelm, How to Not Feel Stressed Out Anymore

October: Limits and Freedoms: How to Give Strong-Willed Kids Healthy Control While Still Being the Boss In Your Home

November: My Strong-Willed Child and Others: Friends, School, and More

December: Critical Emotional Skills for the Strong-Willed Child (Again)

**We are also adding three female therapists to our podcast team!  It will be fun to have the insight of women who have clients part-time and are home with the kids part-time!**

We hope this new format will help you learn how to bring out the best behavior in your children without breaking their awesome spirits.


Today’s Podcast

Today we are going to talk to Jeff Tesch about a common parenting mistake therapists are seeing and how to fix it.  This mistake is one that parents make completely on accident, but it’s having a huge effect of our kid’s behavior.

The great thing is that after this episode, you’ll know what it is, what to do differently, and you’ll see positive results in your family as a result.

Happy Listening!



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