Episode 027 Sassy, Spirited, Strong-willed Kids and Friends Part 2

In last week’s episode, we talked about sassy, spirited and strong-willed kids that are bossy or don’t pick up on social cues easily.  This week, we’re covering the opposite end of the spectrum by talking about kids who are more shy.  Clinical mental health counselor, Mike Fitch teaches that a child might fit into this category for one of the following reasons:

  1. They have anxiety about social situations
  2. They are naturally more introverted
  3. They have been burnt in social situations and have given up
  4. They have been bullied and are afraid

If you have a child who is more on the shy side, this is a great episode to listen to!  Mike outlines how to recognize why your child is shy and specific strategies to help them be comfortable socially.

Happy listening!

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