Episode 025: WARNING! Six Parenting Mistakes Child Therapists Want You to Avoid

Marriage and family therapist, Jeff Tesch says that around twenty-five percent of the counselling he does is helping parents be consistent in their approach parenting together.  He has had great success helping parents come together to find common ground in their approach.  Jeff Tesch, LMFT is graciously sharing his handout he gives parents to guide them to a place where they can see eye to eye and help eliminate disagreements over parenting.  Click here to download this resource.

I know that many of you are working so hard to improve your parenting skills and are starting to see a difference in how confident you feel as parents. You are likely starting to see improvement in your child’s behavior. Now that I have spent hundreds of hours working with therapists for Parent with a Pro, I have come to find that there are some things the therapists keep mentioning that we can do as parents that will undo all the hard work we are doing!  That is the last thing I want to happen to you! This podcast will help you understand six of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


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