Episode 010: How to Handle Back Talk

Ooooh, few things irritate me more than back talk!  Can I get an, Amen?!  Backtalk just feels so disrespectful! I have to say that my visceral response to backtalk is to ground my child until they can apply for social security.

Since that’s not an option, I’m grateful that Jeff Tesch, LMFT has a healthy, effective way to respond to back talk.

Next time your little whipper-snapper says something rude to you, you are going to respond like the in-charge adult that you are.

Won’t that feel great?


Download Epsiode 010 Companion Guide

I include a "Companion Guide" with each podcast designed to help you remember, synthesize, and apply the content found in the episode. My hope is to help you parent like a pro.

This week's guide: How to Respond to Back Talk, The Steps

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