About Us

Hi! We're Janet and Celeste. Together We Are "Parent with a Pro"

We know what you want most is for your home to be peaceful and for everyone in it's walls to show love & respect to on another.  With more than 20 years of combined experience, we've helped hundreds of families, with a variety of challenges, improve behavior and have a happy home.  If you are wanting home to be a happier place, we can absolutely help.

We love everything about our work, but we're most excited about guiding parents with practical tips to help parents of kids who don't listen, are disrespectful, or are struggling to be responsible.  We'd be honored to work with you, too!

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As parents…

we understand how helpless you feel when you can’t figure out how to improve behavior and have a happy home.

As a therapist and parent coach…

we believe you should have the tools you need to see lasting changes in behavior. Rather than relying on yourself to figure this whole parenting thing out, we want to offer you a program that is:



You want to see actual changes.  With us, you will.

Easy to Understand and Use

Applying what you learn in books can be hard.  Our tools can be applied the same day you learn them.


What we teach is evidence-based and we've seen it work with hundreds of families.